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Canadian women's soccer player Rebecca QuinnEric Verhoeven/Getty Images

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TOKYO (LifeSiteNews) — A biological woman who believes she’s a man is playing for an Olympic gold medal with the Canadian women’s soccer team. 

On Monday, Team Canada defeated the U.S. Women’s National Team 1-0 on a penalty kick in the Olympic semifinals. The Canadian team has a transgender player, Quinn, who plays midfielder. Quinn, previously known as Rebecca Quinn, is a biological woman who identifies as a male or “non-binary.”

Both the team’s official roster and the Canada Soccer website support her in her delusion, listing her with the singular name, Quinn. According to CBC News, Quinn will become the first openly transgender and non-binary athlete to win an Olympic medal, as the team is assured of a gold or silver. 

Last fall, Quinn publicly announced on a social media post that she believed she is a man, and now goes by the pronouns they and them. While Quinn played college soccer for Duke University, she was on the board of the college’s chapter of Athlete Ally. This is an organization aiming to “create visibility, inclusivity, and awareness around the LGBTQIA+ community in sports.” 

“Athletics is the most exciting part of my life and it brings me the most joy,” Quinn told CBC Sports on Monday. “If I can allow kids to play the sports they love, that’s my legacy and that’s what I’m here for.”

The Tokyo Olympics disregards biology and allows most transgender athletes to compete against athletes of the gender with which they identify, despite this contradicting their actual gender.

For example, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is allowing Laurel Hubbard, a biological male, to compete in the female weightlifting division, because he identifies as a woman. Surprisingly, Hubbard was unable to register a lift in the competition this morning, according to CNN.  

However, Quinn is still competing on the female team, despite identifying as male or “non-binary.” In Ohio last month, Democrats shouted down Republican Rep. Jena Powell, who proposed to reserve female sports for biological females.