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MONTREAL (LifeSiteNews) – Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced that the province will move ahead with its plan to mandate vaccines and enforce vaccine passports for non-essential services.  

According to the Montreal Gazette, Legault cited an increase of COVID-19 cases as the reason for announcing that the province will soon issue vaccine passports. Verification of reception of both doses of the experimental vaccine will be required to enter non-essential businesses.  

“We want people who made the effort to get vaccinated to be able to live normally, with restaurants and other services,” Legault said.

He explained that Quebec is entering the fourth wave, with expectations of increasing deaths and hospitalizations. Legault did not explain how unvaccinated people could transmit the virus to vaccinated people, who are reportedly immune from COVID-19 because of the vaccine.

“I want to be very clear: if you don’t have specific reasons that a vaccination could threaten your health, you are putting yourself at risk by not getting your two doses of vaccine,” Legault said.

“You’re also putting all of society at risk. If we don’t want to add to the deaths, if we don’t want to overwhelm hospitals, I am asking all Quebecers — it’s a question of solidarity — to go get your two doses,” he continued.

The premier is also exploring the ability of the federal government to mandate the experimental vaccine for their employees, despite its severe side effects

Furthermore, he revealed that the province is considering retracting the promise to allow school children to return to classrooms mask free. “We are revisiting that right now regarding the masks, and we will come back to you soon with instructions,” Legault said, regardless of the fact that COVID-19 has proved to have mild effects on children.

He voiced concern that young children are not able to receive the vaccine, including his seven-year-old son, regardless of the fact that children have been seriously injured by the vaccine.  

“As a father, I am worried,” he said. “It’s for children, for those who are vulnerable and to limit the Delta variant that we have to be vaccinated. We have enough vaccines for everyone.”

Already, Manitoba is requiring immunization cards to access non-essential services like cinemas, which a lawyer from a top Canadian constitutional legal firm affirmed is the same as a vaccine passport. 

In France, the government plans to implement compulsory COVID-19 “vaccination” and COVID-19 status rules obliging each citizen to show a QR-code sanitary pass to access large shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, bars, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, cultural and leisure venues receiving more than 50 visitors, and long-distance public transportation. 

In response to this mandate, the French people have risen up in massive protests across the country, with some drawing hundreds of thousands of people.