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(LifeSiteNews) — In this episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon sat down with former pastor and Christian author Caleb Kaltenbach, whose recent book, “Messy Truth: How to Foster Community Without Sacrificing Conviction,” outlines suggestions for every Christian to lovingly speak with LGBT people. However, he pointed out that there are some boundaries to this mission which must not be crossed, including denying basic Christian beliefs.

Kaltenbach mentioned how his life experiences and the environment he was raised in bring a unique perspective to this issue. After growing up with three “gay parents,” some of whom were activists with pro-LGBT groups, at the age of 16 he “ended up following Jesus…and changed my view of sexuality to the historic Judeo-Christian view.”

Ever since then, Kaltenbach has worked to promote the Gospel message and Christian, pro-family values, especially among LGBT people. He said that the boundary in his mission as always been if the work “is causing us or tempting us to shift in our theology away from Christ.”

The author told Jonathon that the identity problems the world is undergoing today “have been in our society forever,” and that ever since the dawn of creation humanity has tried “to orient everything towards ourselves.”

Kaltenbach highlighted that the solution to this issue of our time is to “place your identity in Christ,” not in notions of the world, because with Jesus “it is safe.”

In his new book and in the podcast, the former pastor offered some suggestions and ideas for every Christian to have conversations on truth with LGBT persons, but to build them around love and trust. He also offers some advice for parents whose children are or are not struggling with their “LGBT identity.”

To learn more about Caleb Kaltenbach and his book “Messy Truth,” click here.

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