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(LifeSiteNews) – In the latest episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon was joined by Owen Strachan, provost and research professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, who is the author of the book Christianity and Wokeness. They discussed the origins of the “woke society,” and how Christians must view the woke theory being pushed in regards to racism and gender ideology.

Beginning with the definition of the term, Strachan went in full detail to debunk the idea of being woke. He defined wokeness “as the state of being alert and conscious of systemic racism, systemic inequality, [and] broader societal injustice.”

Strachan pointed out that today’s society in the West, particularly America, is thought of “as a place that is shot through with discrimination, racism, and injustice.” He mentioned how this is untrue, and part of a broader ideology rooted in Leftism.

Strachan said that even though people state that in the post-modern world there is no absolute truth, the proponents of wokeness in fact do believe in an objective “truth” that race guides power dynamics in the world. On the other hand, the author went on to say that real objectivity “has a theistic, Biblical grounding.”

Lastly, Strachan described how the problem with wokeism can only be resolved when it is completely rejected. Pointing out that wokeness has even found space within the Church, he stated that faithful Christians still have some power to stop this radical ideology.

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