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Fr. James Altman and Pope FrancisLifeSiteNews

(LifeSiteNews) — The scandal of the cancelation of good and faithful Catholic priests is coming to light, and those clergy made their presence felt Friday in Chicago for an event called “Uncancel the Canceled.” The event marked the return of Fr. James Altman, who was removed from his parish in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in July.

Father Altman has been quiet ever since but he was in fighting spirits once again, telling LifeSiteNews, “Bring it on, bishops of the United States. Bring it on, [Bishop] William Callahan [of La Crosse]. Bring it on, Bishop of Rome Jorge Bergoglio.”

“You didn’t laicize child molestors, you didn’t excommunicate the Joe Bidens of the world,” he continued. “Bring it on, I’m ready for you, I can’t wait.”