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(LifeSiteNews) – Former British Columbia Premier Bill Vander Zalm warned that the “end game” from the COVID virus and jab mandates seems to be a “Great Reset” that will lead to a global communistic order. 

The comments from Vander Zalm came from a 30-minute video interview dated October 18 and posted on the news site Press for Truth by Dan Dicks.  

“We will be totally controlled, totally controlled. Forget about freedoms after this because they’ve started it now. The mandates are the beginning. Only the very beginning of things,” Vander Zalm said. 

“We know that the chemical companies, the pharmaceutical companies, are for making fortunes. And then again, I guess there’s something beyond that. I think it’s so strange that everyone has to be vaccinated. Why does everyone have to be vaccinated? And they didn’t try to get people in no matter what it takes, as you’ve already said, they’ve got various things coercion-(wise) happening to try and get people in. Why is that?”  

“The other only end game I see is that somebody is trying to establish a reset, and our own Prime Minister was the first very early on to make a mistake and mention this in one of his press releases that this was an opportunity for the Great Reset,” Vander Zalm said. “That scares me when people in government are talking about Great Reset and they’re not consulting with us.”  

Vander Zalm said the “end game” could be “fascism, maybe communism,” adding, “you can’t have a democracy and rule globally. That won’t work. It’s got to be a dictatorship.” 

“I think communism, in my opinion, is the more likely route that they want to go because it came out of China. They have a different type of communism there. It’s not like Stalin used to have it. It’s different how they’re playing it a little bit smarter from a communistic standpoint,” Vander Zalm said.  

“When they talk about the great reset, they’re talking about a globalist type of government, a global government, someplace in Europe or Asia, who knows where. And, unfortunately, we won’t know it’ll be done without our knowledge.” 

Vander Zalm, known for his staunch pro-life stance, was the British Columbia’s premier from 1986 until 1991 as leader of the Social Credit Party.  

In the late 1980s, he tried to cut abortion funding from the province, saying the government should not pay for them unless they were medically required.  

While Vander Zalm was popular early on, the media quickly turned on him for his pro-life views. Combined with a financial scandal involving the sale of one of his personal properties while Premier, a theme park called Fantasy Gardens, Vander Zalm resigned in 1991.  

Vander Zalm says COVID jabs were maybe planned ‘10 years’ ago 

In the interview with Dicks, Vander Zalm said that in his view, what will happen is that “multi-billionaires” and large corporations have the most to gain from the COVID crisis, with the blessing of the government.  

He said that the big corporations love things such as vaccine passports and mandates because it means that they “won’t have to deal with unions.” 

“We need to hear all opinions, no matter what they are, in order to get an answer, because once, once they do it, it’s too late. And the things, if they once take a vow, we now see this is a mandate. This mandate about having to have passports — scary stuff. They’ll know everything about you and it’ll all be recorded and it’ll be abused and used by government. No good. So it’s the big corporations that like it,” Vander Zalm said.  

In the interview, Vander Zalm said that what the majority of the people yet don’t realize is that “they’re taking our freedom away,” with the excuse of COVID jabs.  

“It simply happens and then carries on. It’ll get worse and worse. They’ll pick up other things and eventually everything will be controlled. Some people are even suggesting that the vaccine, which we don’t know exactly what it’s made of, but some are suggesting that it’s made of polycarbonate, I think,” Vander Zalm said. 

“And what’s the other one? It’s a metallic magnetic metallic. And, also, yeah, I don’t know what all is in there, but most people know nobody really knows while somebody knows, and all of this was known for some time. I mean, this didn’t happen. All of a sudden these things are, you’ll have to agree, they’re well-organized. Somehow, they’ve been planning this for years. It’s been in the planning for 10 years.”  

Governments singing from the same ‘song sheet’ is ‘the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life’ 

Vander Zalm was asked his opinion on whether British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix and its top doctor, Bonnie Henry, really believe the rules they are implementing.  

“Do they really know this is happening, or are they so dumb that they can’t see through it?” Vander Zalm responded. 

“I don’t know. And strangely enough, it’s the NDP. It’s the Liberals. It’s the Conservatives. They’re all singing from the same song sheet, right? It’s crazy. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Vander Zalm said.  

“Somebody bigger than the politicians are organizing this very effectively someplace, and they’re doling out a lot of money where it’s all going. Who’s to say? I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s yeah, it doesn’t add up.” 

Canada has ‘morally’ gone crazy  

Vander Zalm said that as a country, Canada has “morally” gone “crazy” and that the mainstream media has played a role in this.  

“This virus isn’t helping that because people are now forbidden oftentimes to go to church or to go in the numbers they might go. It’s all of those things together that makes you wonder,” Vander Zalm said. 

“The media is very involved in this how and where it all started and who’s in charge. I don’t know. Another scary thing. Yeah, the media is definitely one way on it.”  

He also said that pretty soon a person won’t be able to leave the house without being “vaxxed.” 

“Or the next thing they won’t let me out of the house? If you’re not vaxxed right,” Vander Zalm said. 

“It’s one of the reasons I guess I’m saying this, and a lot of people are beginning to say it is because they’re not leveling. It doesn’t appear like they’re leveling with us. Nobody’s really telling us what’s happening, how it’s happening, why it’s happening.” 

Vander Zalm said that what’s happening in society regarding the COVID jabs is “just splitting it all up.” 

“But that’s how change comes to be. They need to make a mess of it before they can really bring introduced the changes,” Vander Zalm said.  

He also mentioned how some doctors in Canada are not even “allowed to talk about” alternative COVID treatments like Ivermectin.  

“If a doctor mentioned something supportive of it, they’ll lose their license. I don’t know. What’s happening is so scary,” Vander Zalm said.  

Healthcare persons known to Vander Zalm called COVID a ‘corporate pandemic’  

Vander Zalm told Dicks that one of his contacts in the healthcare sector called COVID “a corporate pandemic.” 

“But you know what? They’re afraid. Then he told me, ‘If I told you, if I told people publicly what I’m telling you, I lose my license, I’d be out,’” Vander Zalm said. 

“It’s the worst thing I’ve seen in my whole life, and it’s scary and people have to begin questioning things and the politicians should be involved. I don’t hear from any politicians in the province yet, nobody speaking out … Maybe they’ve been coerced somehow to. Who’s to say?” 

Vander Zalm talks about the China connection to the virus  

Vander Zalm said that he couldn’t believe what he saw happening at the start of the COVID crisis.  

“It started out with the announcement that the virus was located in China. And they said they didn’t know exactly were from or how they obviously knew they were lying to us,” Vander Zalm said.  

“They continued to lie for a time. Eventually, they came out and said, no, it escaped from the lab in Wuhan. However, the escape is questionable. I don’t know whether it escaped, whether it was let out. Who knows, everybody’s got a different version of it.” 

Vander Zalm continued, saying some believe COVID-19 is a “bioweapon of sorts.” 

“I don’t know. Nobody seems to know,” he said. “And unfortunately, throughout this whole process, over the last several years, no one and no one our government, nationally, provincially, locally, everywhere has not been very open with us. It’s all been rather secretive. They don’t tell us what’s happening. They tell us what they want to tell us, but no more. It’s not good.” 

Vander Zalm’s advice – ‘Grow your own food’  

Vander Zalm told Dicks that people should start to grow their food to prepare for what is coming. 

“However, if we go to a globalist government, you’ll be growing it on government property,” Vander Zalm said. 

Dicks then asked Vander Zalm if what’s needed now is a type of “divine intervention.” 

“Well, we need lots of that. But that’s almost a foreign thing these days. There’s not too much of that. Not enough, unfortunately,” Vander Zalm said. 

“And I’ll go to church this afternoon or tomorrow morning, but it’s very limited as to the number of people that are allowed, and they opened up for a time. I think they’ve closed it again and people are getting out of the habit. So it’s that’s exactly what they want to see happen.” 

Many consider such mandates a gross assault on individual freedoms that’s totally unnecessary given COVID-19’s high survivability among most groups, low risk of asymptomatic spread, and research indicating that post-infection natural immunity is equally protective against reinfection.   

Meanwhile, the list of FDA-recognized adverse events has grown from severe anaphylactic reactions to include fatal thrombotic events, the inflammatory heart condition myocarditis, and neurologically disabling disease like Guillain Barré Syndrome, as well as thousands of recorded deaths and permanent disabilities.  

The COVID-19 injections approved for emergency use in Canada, including the Pfizer jab for ages 12 and up, all have connections to cells derived from aborted babies.  

All four have also been associated with possible severe side effects such as blood clots, rashes, miscarriages, and even heart attacks in young, healthy men.  

People who have taken the experimental COVID-19 jabs can still contract and spread the disease. COVID vaccine trials have never produced evidence that vaccines stop infection or transmission. They do not even claim to reduce hospitalization, but the measurement of success is the prevention of severe symptoms of COVID-19.