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(Campaign Life Coalition) — Campaign Life Coalition denounced Friday the Canadian government’s introduction of a bill that could criminalize pro-life free speech across the nation, rendering the entire country one giant “bubble zone.”

“Bill C-3 could strip pro-life advocates of their democratic right to freely and peacefully witness to the sanctity of human life to women seeking abortions and those committing them,” said Jeff Gunnarson, national president of Campaign Life Coalition.

If passed, Bill C-3 would amend the Criminal Code of Canada to make it illegal “to provoke a state of fear” with the intention of dissuading someone from obtaining or providing “health services.” While the bill appears to be aimed at curtailing COVID-related demonstrations around health centers, the reach of the bill is colossal. The meaning of “provoking a state of fear” is highly subjective and not described in the bill, making it prone to abuse.

“In effect, Bill C-3 could criminalize efforts to offer women alternatives to abortion through peaceful demonstrations, prayer, and sidewalk counseling right across the country,” Gunnarson said.  “Laws that censor Canadian citizens, stripping them of their rights and freedoms to speak and to gather have no place in a free and democratic society. This law will simply muzzle Canadian citizens everywhere. This appears to be the most egregious ‘bubble zone’ legislation to date.”

An estimated 100,000 Canadian children (almost 300 per day) are aborted annually in Canada. The country currently has no legal protection for human beings before birth. Pro-life activists find themselves in the position of being the last hope for these children targeted for termination.

Gunnarson said that pro-abortion Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is using the fear-frenzy created by the COVID pandemic as a screen to strip free speech rights not only from pro-life advocates but from all Canadian citizens.

“Mr. Trudeau has had a personal vendetta against pro-life advocates since before he was first elected,” Gunnarson said. “He’s barred pro-life individuals from running for the Liberal Party. He’s denied summer job grants to pro-life organizations. And now, he’s promising to strip pro-life organizations of their charitable tax status. This blatant discrimination is simply outrageous.”

Josie Luetke, CLC’s youth coordinator, pointed out that the overwhelming majority of pro-life advocates are peaceful, respectful, and prayerful when witnessing outside of centers that commit abortions.

“Pro-life advocates are among the most compassionate people you will ever meet,” she said. “They endure insults and intimidation themselves out of a desire to let vulnerable women know that there are alternatives to abortion, such as parenting and adoption. Without life-affirming interventions, more innocent human beings will be killed and more parents and family members will be permanently hurt by this loss.”

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