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(WND News Center) — Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the U.S. House, is charging that the current speaker, octogenarian Democrat Nancy Pelosi, is the one at fault for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot that damaged the U.S. Capitol.

“I think she is the person who is the most responsible for what happened,” Gingrich said. “It was her job to ensure that there was adequate police, and if they didn’t have adequate police, it was her job to ensure that the National Guard was there.”

Fox News reported Gingrich appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” late Thursday to discuss the anniversary of the riot that left one protester dead – by a shot from a Capitol policeman.

Several other protesters died of natural causes at that time, and several police officers either died by natural cause or suicide in the aftermath.

The riot developed when a few dozen or hundreds from a crowd of thousands broke windows to enter the building, take selfies, and vandalize.

Some 700 people have been charged, mostly with crimes like trespassing.

They were protesting Congress’ schedule that day to vote to accept Joe Biden as president, following an election that two analyses have concluded was impacted by Democrat activism.

First, a study revealed that Mark Zuckerberg’s $420 million, handed over to leftists in key positions in elections offices with instructions often to recruit Democrat voters, essentially bought the election for Biden.

Further, the Media Research Center found in an analysis that enough people would have changed their vote away from Biden had legacy and social media not suppressed accurate reporting about scandals involving the Biden family that he would have lost the vote and President Donald Trump would be in office today.

Gingrich knows Pelosi’s job, as he did it, some years ago.

He said, “So a lot of this, I think, is a dance by the Democrats, who don’t want us to look very closely at what actually happened.

“If you’ll notice, the political committee they’ve created is, in fact, only looking at political things. They’re not looking at the various ringleaders who’ve not been arrested. They’re not looking at a lot of the details about whether or not the FBI was as involved as provocateurs.

“We know, for example, in Michigan that the FBI was deeply involved in creating an entire project to kidnap the governor, and then pretend it was being done by White nationalists, when in fact all the leading figures were FBI activists.

“So there’s reason to question everything about what happened on Jan. 6.

“Again, as a former speaker, I was deeply offended that anybody would do what they did on the Capitol grounds, but as a former speaker, I was also really offended that the current speaker, Pelosi, failed so totally in her job, which was to make sure this didn’t happen.”

In fact, Democrats on the anniversary of the violence turned the day into a political diatribe against Trump.

Biden, Kamala Harris and Pelosi all held forth for reporters, and Biden specifically delivered a speech against Trump filled with “vitriol, divisiveness and nastiness,” Gingrich said.

WND has reported that Republicans, in fact, are investigating Jan. 6 themselves, as Pelosi set up her own partisan committee to review the day, refusing to seat GOP members of Congress picked by their part.

They delivered a letter to her this week pointing out that there are questions about the day she needs to answer, including why she is continuing “to obstruct Republican access to House records relating to the security preparedness of the Capitol complex.”

“This double standard only adds to the evidence that Democrats are weaponizing events of January 6th against their political adversaries,” explained a letter to Pelosi. “If you are truly interested in working with Republicans to improve the Capitol security posture, I demand that you direct all House officers immediately to stop obstructing our oversight.”

She has refused to answer other questions from the GOP, and apparently has instructed House staff to do the same.

The letter cites previous questions from Republicans, including about why a request from then-Chief of Capitol Police Steve Sund asking for National Guard support was denied, did then-Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving get instructions from her office before denying Sund’s request, and what guidance did Pelosi and her staff hand out leading up to Jan. 6.

“Like our requests to the House Sergeant-at-Arms, the House Chief Administrative Officer, and the House General Counsel – all of whom report directly to you – you have refused to respond. These records and communications are material to understanding the decision making by law enforcement officials before and during the violence of January 6th. Without these records, we cannot complete a thorough and comprehensive review.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, one of those nominated for the committee but rejected by Pelosi, noted that testimony so far is in conflict.

“The Capitol Hill police has said that they asked for the National Guard to be present Jan. 6. The sergeant of arms has said, ‘No, you didn’t.’ One guy says, ‘We asked for it.’ The other guy says, ‘We didn’t.’ The guy who says, ‘We didn’t,’ reports directly to the speaker and won’t turn over the documents. The guy who said we did ask for the National Guard — they have given us the information,” Jordan said.

WND has reported that Pelosi’s committee likely will end up in court as defendants, as multiple targets picked by the committee are challenging it on constitutional grounds.

And WND has reported that Pelosi has claimed the Pentagon under the Trump administration delayed sending National Guard troops to the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 breach, but an inspector general found otherwise.

The Defense Department IG concluded the Pentagon responded appropriately and in a timely fashion to urgent requests for National Guard assistance, Just the News reported.

“We also determined that DoD officials did not delay or obstruct the DoD’s response,” the report says.

The IG found that former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller and former Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy acted reasonably in deploying an additional round of soldiers more than three hours after numerous calls for assistance were fielded from D.C. and federal officials.

Miller told the “John Solomon Reports” podcast that it “broke my heart” to see the military, which “responded really with alacrity and professionalism,” get “thrown under the bus by the politicians.”

“I was so naive. I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “When it comes to national security, I thought we’re on the same team. I was really horrified that it had become so partisan.”

Just the News reported the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard at the time, Maj. Gen. William Walker, testified to the Senate in March that the Pentagon unnecessarily delayed its response. Walker alleged the overpowered Capitol Police asked for assistance but the Pentagon kept help from arriving for hours while it could have arrived in minutes.

The IG interviewed Walker, but the report found no evidence to support the general’s claim.

The Associated Press reported Jan. 7 that three days before the breach of the Capitol, the Pentagon asked Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. Further, amid the riot, Justice Department leaders offered FBI agents.

But police turned them down both times, according to senior defense officials and two people familiar with the matter who spoke to the AP.

In February, one-time White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said President Trump had offered ahead of the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress “as many as 10,000 National Guard troops.”

Meadows told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” that in January and “throughout the summer … the president was very vocal in making sure that we had plenty of National Guard, plenty of additional support because he supports our rule of law and supports our law enforcement and offered additional help.”

Meadows said that in January “as many as 10,000 National Guard troops were told to be on the ready by the Secretary of Defense.”

“That was a direct order from President Trump, and yet here is what we see, all kinds of blame going around but yet not a whole lot of accountability. That accountability needs to rest with where it ultimately should be and that’s on Capitol Hill.”

Reprinted with permission from the WND News Center