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Tell Pierre Poilievre and all legislators to ban mutilating surgery for gender-confused children. Send a message today

(LifeSiteNews) — To judge by a poll published last summer, most Canadians are supporting Alberta’s policy to inform parents if their child decides to be known by another gender at school. 

Alberta’s new parental rights policies, announced by Premier Danielle Smith last week, come amid ongoing support for pro-family legislation and months of demands for legislation to protect children and parental rights.  

“Making permanent and irreversible decisions regarding one’s biological sex while still a youth can severely limit that child’s choices in the future,” Smith told Albertans on Wednesday.  

Under the newly announced policy, parental consent is required for children up to 15 years old who wish to go by a different name or be referred to by opposite-sex pronouns at school. For children aged 16 and 17, parental consent is not required, but parents must be informed of their child’s decision.  

This decision is well supported by Canadians with 78 percent advocating for parental rights, according to an August survey by the Angus Reid Institute.  

In Alberta, 43 percent said they believed parents should both be informed and give consent for their child to go by a different name or gender at school. On the other hand, 35 percent thought parents needed only to be informed of their child’s decision.   

The survey further revealed that all the provinces are overwhelmingly supportive of parental rights, ranging from 86 percent in Saskatchewan to 67 percent in the Atlantic provinces.   

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Of those supporting parental rights, most provinces are split between whether parents should have to give consent for their child to identify as a different gender, or if parents just need to be informed about the child’s new identity. 

The new legislation also comes after months of requests from United Conservative Party (UCP) members for pro-family legislation in the province.  

At the UCP AGM on November 3-4 in Calgary, party members passed a host of resolutions calling for parental rights to be protected. 

Resolution 8, passed by UCP members, calls for parental consent for children to “change” their pronouns at school. 

UCP members also passed Resolution 17, which calls for the party to support a comprehensive bill of “Parental Rights which ensures that all legislation will recognize and support parents’ rights to be informed of and in charge of all decisions to do with all services paid for by the province, including education and health care.” 

Party members also passed Resolution 20, which calls for the party to ban pornographic materials from use by teachers. 

Alberta is also introducing policies to uphold parental rights within the school system and to protect children from being indoctrinated by the LGBT agenda.  

As in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, parents must be notified if teachers plan to instruct students on “gender identity” or discuss sexual topics in the classroom.   

The new policy also mandates that all third-party resource materials or presentations “related to gender identity, sexual orientation, or human sexuality in our K-12 school system will need to be pre-approved by the Ministry of Education.”   

The proposed new legislation goes further than both Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, protecting children from making irreversible changes to their bodies that they are likely to regret later in life.  

Under the new regulations, top (mastectomies, breast construction) and bottom (vaginoplasty, phalloplasty) surgery is not permitted for children 17 and under. Puberty blockers are also restricted to those age 16 and older, with parental consent needed for minors.   

Additionally, Smith introduced a new policy to protect women and girls from competing against biological men who claim to be women.   

“Our government also needs to deal with the emerging issue of the unfair disadvantages that young women and girls are experiencing when competing with biologically stronger transgender female [sic] athletes in sporting competitions,” Smith said.

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Smith pointed out that “there are obvious biological realities that give transgender female athletes a massive competitive advantage over women and girls.” 

Despite the legislation’s support from ordinary Canadians, the Liberal Party under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned Smith’s pro-family proposal, with Health Minister Mark Holland saying he is “deeply disturbed” by the decision to protect children from gender ideology.  

In a vague message last week, Trudeau told reporters regarding Alberta’s decision that “Canadians need to know that the federal government and all Canadians will be there to protect youth.”  

Additionally, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has placed a muzzle on his MPs by telling them not to directly comment on Smith’s decision to ban doctors from surgically “transitioning” children. 

Tell Pierre Poilievre and all legislators to ban mutilating surgery for gender-confused children. Send a message today