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Lima Cardinal Juan Luis CiprianiWikimedia Commons

LIMA, Peru — A new survey in Peru has revealed that the majority of the nation’s citizens support the Catholic Church’s position on abortion (79 percent) and homosexual civil unions (60 percent).

The study, conducted by the Peruvian Company of Studies on Market and Public Opinion, also revealed that 62 percent of Lima inhabitants approve Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani’s pastoral work.

Cardinal Cipriani has criticized the recent governmental guidance that allows for the practice of so-called therapeutic abortion, calling it a “guidance to kill.” The Cardinal also said the guidance will directly lead to a vulgarization of the practice of abortion.

The survey, conducted on behalf of RPP Noticias, also found that eighty-five percent agree the Church should express her thoughts on education.

Peru’s population is 77 percent Catholic and 16 percent Evangelical.

The polling company surveyed 1,450 Peruvians aged 18 and over from June 12-17. Respondents hailed from five different urban areas.