ATLANTA, GA, December 2, 2013 ( – Eight women nationwide died from legal abortions in 2010, the last year for which statistics are available, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


The federal health watchdog released the figures last week – on the Friday of the long holiday weekend – as part of its annual report on abortion statistics, “Abortion Surveillance – United States 2010.”

“CDC identified eight abortion-related deaths for 2009,” the report states. “These deaths were identified either by some indication of abortion on the death certificate, by reports from a health-care provider or public health agency, or from a media report.”


“Investigation of these cases indicated that all eight deaths were related to legal abortion and none to illegal abortion,” the report says.

The number of women killed at abortion facilities in 2009 declined significantly from 2008, when 12 women died from legal abortion in the United States.

A total of 411 women have died at the hands of legally recognized abortionists since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton legalized most abortions nationwide in 1973.

That's an average of 11.42 every year since the twin court decrees made abortion “safe and legal.”

That compares to 56 illegal abortion deaths since Roe, the vast majority of which took place in the 1970s.

In all, there have been 734 percent more deaths from legal abortions in the United States than illegal abortions in the 36-year period.

One of 2009's casualties was Karnamaya Mongar, the 41-year-old immigrant from Bhutan who died at Kermit Gosnell's Women's Medical Society – better known as the “house of horrors” – in West Philadelphia. This spring a jury found Gosnell guilty of involuntary manslaughter for her death.

According to ABC News, “Gosnell said that one death in 40 years of practice does not indicate a poor record.” (A second woman, Semika Shaw, had died in his care in 2002.)

The newest CDC report proves that “abortion clinics across America are operating under conditions that pose a danger to women,” Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser at Operation Rescue told “When these clinics are required to come up to standards, many either cannot or will not comply and are forced to close.”

“In reality, these [reports] are exposing what we have been saying all along: that abortion clinics in America have serious health and safety issues that endanger the public,” Sullenger told LifeSiteNews.

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The drive to pass pro-life laws, Sullenger said, is “actually protecting women and their babies, with positive results.”

The CDC report itself concludes that state laws regulating abortionists and the closure of abortion facilities “are known to influence the incidence of abortion” downward. “State regulations, such as mandatory waiting periods, parental involvement laws, and legal restrictions on abortion providers” reduced the nation's abortion rate, the report implies.

In all, there were 765,651 abortions in the United States in 2010 in the states that report abortion numbers. That excludes California, Maryland, and New Hampshire.

The full chart of abortion deaths is below: