TORONTO, Sept 13 ( – Long-time pro-lifer Adrian Keet of Ingersoll Ontario has commenced a 600km walk-for-life today, starting from his home in Ingersoll and headed to Midland and back. Mr. Keet recalled that in 1977 he did a similar 600km walk-for-life but “I was much younger in 1977” says the now 80-year-old.

The purpose for the Walk for Life is to raise awareness of the need for a culture that respects human life, and to raise money for efforts that will accomplish this task. Keets has asked for sponsorship through Campaign Life Coalition based on every kilometre walked.  (ex. 10¢ per km would mean a donation of $60).

For more information or to send donations contact:

Campaign Life Coalition
53 Dundas St.  E.
Suite 305
Toronto ON
M5B 1C6

Or call