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LONDON, England (LifeSiteNews) – Research published in the United Kingdom indicates that the COVID jabs have not prevented American deaths from the coronavirus.  

A December 14 BBC article raising alarm over the reported 800,000 deaths in the United States—of those classified as having COVID-19—contains a chart illustrating how the gene-based “vaccine” roll-out has been ineffective at best and damaging at worst. 

The chart, which the BBC cites as having come from a U.K. government dashboard, shows that most deaths in the USA attributed to COVID-19 have occurred since the first Pfizer injections were administered on December 12, 2020. 


According to Our World in Data (OWD), of a total 798,714 COVID-classified deaths in the U.S., 496,908, or 62.2%, have occurred since mass injections began just over one year ago. 

Since that time, OWD shows that 72.15% of the U.S. population have been injected at least once, and 60.53% have been “fully vaccinated.” 

However, if we look at the 16 weeks since August 22, 2021, we see a curious sharpened incline in the curve indicating an increased death rate from this day when most of the population (52.18%) was, even then, “fully vaccinated.”  

While one would expect to see a decrease in death rates over this period, due to high rates of “vaccination,” the opposite has occurred. Since August 22, the U.S. has recorded 170,180 deaths, or 21% of total American COVID deaths since March 2020 when this international coronavirushb crisis began. 

These trends of increased death rates following gene-based vaccine campaigns are not limited to the U.S. but have been documented throughout the world. A brief video released in September by HART Group-affiliated quantitative data analyst Joel Smalley used data from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center to illustrate dramatic spikes in COVID deaths in 40 countries across the globe after the introduction of experimental COVID gene-transfer vaccination campaigns. 

While correlation does not prove causation, looking more broadly at relevant data reveals a worldwide trend of high rates of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths among the vaccinated. 

It was reported in July that 40% of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the UK were from the “fully vaccinated.” In September, as emphasized by Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Public Health England revealed that 63% of Delta variant deaths in the UK are in the vaccinated. 

In addition, Israel has made headlines in recent months for skyrocketing COVID cases and hospitalization rates among the vaccinated. In early August, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, noted on Israel’s Channel 13 that “most of the population” of Israel is vaccinated and that he was seeing “85-90% of hospitalizations” were “fully vaccinated.” 

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a July outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts recorded 469 new cases of COVID-19 of which the “fully vaccinated” accounted for 74%, including 80% of all hospitalizations. 

This correlation has been recognized by Pfizer itself as revealed in a briefing document they submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on September 17. The briefing included a report of one of the pharmaceutical giant’s own studies indicating higher rates of infection following injections, equating to jab recipients becoming more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. 


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