Thursday June 24, 2010

850 Orthodox Rabbis: Kagan ‘Not Kosher’ for Supreme Court

Kagan “will function as a flame-throwing radical, hastening society’s already steep decline into Sodom and Gommorah,” says Rabbi Levin.

NEW YORK, June 24, 2010 ( – The leader of a group of orthodox rabbis in the United States has spoken out against the appointment of U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan, who is Jewish, to the nation’s highest court.

Speaking on behalf of over 850 members of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, Rabbi Yehuda Levin said, “While any number of our co-religionists would represent the undeniable, historic Torah values shared by Orthodox and traditional Jews, we are devastated and broken-hearted by the choice of Elena Kagan.”

“According to the Torah perspective adhered to by our 850-plus member Rabbis, as well as hundreds of thousands of Orthodox and traditional Jews, Ms. Kagan is non-kosher – not fit to serve – on the Supreme Court or any other court.”

Levin said that it was “clear” from Kagan’s background championing abortion and the homosexual agenda “that she will function as a flame-throwing radical, hastening society’s already steep decline into Sodom and Gommorah.”

“It should be clear that Ms. Kagan’s long line of forebearers, presumably tracing back to Sinai, would have sacrificed their lives rather than embrace the anti-G-d, counter-sanctity agenda that she has lived and promoted,” said the rabbi.

Levin expressed concern that, thanks to the rise of a Jewish judicial activist Supreme Court justice, the Jewish community could be “scapegoated and targeted by even a tiny subset of the tens of millions of citizens simply fed up with an imperial anti-family, anti-Biblical judiciary.”

“For the record, let this statement serve as an unequivocal protest, establishing that Ms. Kagan’s philosophy and approach are antithetical to traditional Judaism,” he said. “We emphatically reject her ascendancy to the Court!”

Levin concluded by urging senators to oppose the nomination by any means possible.

“We family and religious people will surely employ our last weapon – the ballot box – to respond to those who ignore this existential threat, and insist on contaminating the cultural wellsprings from which we and our children are forced to drink,” he said. “It is late in the game. We implore voters to convey these concerns to their Senators – feckless and otherwise.”