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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

(LifeSiteNews) — The vast majority of Saskatchewan residents supports a new provincial policy that seeks to keep parents informed if their child wants to identify as a different gender at school. 

According to an August 28 survey by the Angus Reid Institute, 86 percent of Saskatchewan participants advocated for parental rights, supporting the province’s recent mandate that parents must be informed if their child wants to go by a different “gender.”  

“A new poll from Angus Reid Institute shows strong support in SK and across Canada for Parental Inclusion and Consent in education with 86% in SK supporting some level of notification for parents when children want to change their gender identity in school,” Premier Scott Moe posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

“Just 10% agree with the NDP position that parents should not be informed,” he added. 

The survey further revealed that all the provinces are overwhelmingly supportive of parental rights, ranging from 86 percent in Saskatchewan to 67 percent in the Atlantic provinces.  

Of those supporting parental rights, most provinces are split between whether parents should have to give consent for their child to identify as a different gender, or if parents just need to be informed about the child’s new identity. 

Canadians’ support of parental rights in schools comes as both Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have introduced new policies protecting students from the LGBT agenda.  

Last week, Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced new “Parental Inclusion and Consent Policies,” which mandate parents be informed if their child wants to identify as a different name or “gender,” allow parents to opt their kids out of sex-ed, and ban third party presentations from groups including Planned Parenthood. 

Under the new policies, schools must receive permission from a parent or guardian to use a different name or gender for students under the age of 16. 

At the time, a Saskatchewan teacher wishing to remain anonymous told LifeSiteNews that she supports the decision to keep parents informed.    

“I fear that we are not supporting students or parents when we keep secrets,” she explained. “We have many students using alternate names, which sometimes changes frequently during the year, and then are asked by parents if we were aware of the changes after the fact. I feel responsible for keeping the secret and I don’t think it’s fair. I think schools are already taking on too many ‘parent roles’ and it’s important that parents play the ‘parent role’ not teachers!”   

Duncan’s defense of parental rights comes just months after New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs was condemned by the LGBT mob for reviewing the province’s Gender Identity policy, as it allowed schools to hide students’ “transgender” status from parents.   

“For [a desire to be identified with the opposite sex] purposefully to be hidden from the parents, that’s a problem,” Higgs told reporters, referring to his desire to change Policy 713, which currently requires children give consent for their parents to be informed if they decide to “change” their gender at school.     

Under the new policy, parental consent is necessary for teachers to use different names or pronouns for students under age 16.    

In early August, pro-LGBT politicians tried unsuccessfully to remove Higgs from office, with Progressive Conservative party members saying that despite the media backlash, Higgs has the support of the “silent majority.”

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.