LONG BEACH, Feb 19 (LSN) – State Attorney General Dan Lungren formally launched his bid for governor of California today. The pro-life politician daringly hit at the heart of the social decay in America saying, “We are going to be a campaign that does not believe that separation of church and state means separation of public debate and religious values.”  “If we are in fact to be a successful people, we have to be a religious people as well,”  he said.  With no major opposition from Republicans, the primary in June is set for a battle between the conservative Christian right and the liberal anti-Christian left. On stage with Gov.  Pete Wilson and former Gov.  George Deukmejian, Lungren’s eyes welled up and his voice faltered when he introduced his 82-year-old father and 80-year-old mother at a stop in Long Beach. Lungren told supporters that his campaign will “reinstate the idea that the family is important” and “be about virtue in government. It will be about virtue in society.”  Likely, the best compliment to Lungren was a critical comment from the California Democratic Party, whose campaign advisor said, “Californians will not elect a person who is anti-choice,  anti-environment and pro-gun, even if he prays at press conferences.”