By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

NOTRE DAME, Indiana, December 18, 2008 ( – Notre Dame University students participating in the Cultural Diversity Seminar, sponsored by the university’s Center for Social Concerns, spent their Fall Break in Chicago in order to be “immersed in the subcultures of the city,” a report by the university’s student newspaper, The Irish Rover, states.

The goal of the outing was to “increase awareness of the variety of approaches and strategies employed by ethnic organizations, churches and others to improve social conditions.”

To this end, the field trip opened with Mass at St. Sabina’s Catholic Parish, known for its “unique restructuring of the Mass” as well as for its pastor, Father Michael Pfleger, who gained national notoriety for supporting Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy and for his sermon mocking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at rival Barack Obama’s former church.

Fr. Pfleger was temporarily removed from his parish by Chicago Archbishop Francis Cardinal George, and asked to “reflect on his recent statements and actions in the light of the church’s regulations for all Catholic priests.”

The Irish Rover reported that “although the students were able to take part in Father Pfleger’s celebration of the Mass and hear his sermon, his early departure prior to the conclusion of the Mass prevented them from speaking to him afterwards.”

Following a tour of the Board of Trade and a “Ghetto Bus Tour,” the students were taken to dinner at a homosexual bar called Hamburger Mary’s, where they attended a showing of “The Ville,” described as “a weekly episodic performance that includes graphic scenes of homosexual activity.”

The trip concluded with a session at the Chicago Centre in which “activist Prexy Nesbit” delivered “a political commentary against capitalism” and offered his support for Barack Obama.

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