Let us give you some insight into how we produce LifeSiteNews:

The day actually begins the night before when from 8pm to 10pm on good days, but from 10pm to 12am or later, most days, editor John-Henry Westen scours sometimes 100 websites for important stories on life and family issues the world over.  A daily load of over 200 emails, not to mention another few hundred caught by the anti-spam service (which must be reviewed every day to catch legitimate ones), provide many news tips from the ground where the news is happening.

The most important developments are saved sorted and assigned to writers according to their specialties and locales. Writers in Britain, Canada, the US, and Mexico are then able to begin their research and line up interviews to produce their reports.

The morning brings new stories which are assigned last minute for same day coverage.  John-Henry then commences work on his own stories for the day.  But during daytime hours the phone hardly ever stops ringing.  Checking messages, answering media calls, being on conference calls, taking interviews, sometimes giving them, taking questions and comments from the international team of writers, answering questions and giving media advice to pro-life leaders internationally, consulting experts in various fields, and praying we get though it all – makes up a typical day. 

John-Henry is increasingly being invited to speaking engagements and is a favorite at youth events. He is also asked to speak on radio and television programs.

John-Henry and I keep in touch all day (and often nights too) as do all the writers via telephone and instant messaging services.

Both of us use two computers to do our work – a high end laptop and a desktop. 

My role is to manage all the technical, legal, accounting, development and other administrative aspects of LifeSiteNews and be the photographer at most events we cover. I produce the NewsBytes and periodically write news reports and the message for the day. We both participate in planning and decisions on website development with the LifeSiteNews specialists who implement the plans. We both also participate in staff recruiting and training.
Most days I also do the final editing of all the reports and put the stories and most of the story photos on the site and send out the Daily News email to subscribers.  My apologies when typos, etc, are missed. Pumping out all this material every day is quite the challenge. Some days the daily email goes out to subscribers very late. Our motto is better late than not well done and with inaccurate facts. And even then, after the news has been emailed to subscribers, additional corrections are made to the website versions as the writers or readers alert us to them.

My role is also to respond to much of the correspondence that comes in, which can at times be rather demanding of diplomatic skills. Unfortunately, we are often unable to respond to many of the emails we get, but we try our best.

The writers/researchers duties are to research the topics assigned, to suggest stories and then to produce quality news reports that include those extra features and insights that LifeSiteNews reports are known for. Not an easy task, especially in the limited time given to them to produce one to three reports in a day. This is especially difficult when the writers are waiting for return phone calls from people called for interviews or have to translate source items that are in other languages.

Considering what is asked of them, the LifeSiteNews writers do a phenomenal job. They pride themselves in trying to do original, investigative journalism.
Last summer university student Elizabeth O’Brien worked full time as a much needed assistant to John-Henry and my son John Jalsevac also worked full time doing a phenomenal job filling in for John-Henry and myself when we were on holidays or getting caught up on other tasks.

Daughter-in-law Meg Jalsevac writes stories now and then, but her main role is to manage LifeSiteNews USA in Pittsburgh. She is currently setting up the procedures for issuing income tax receipts to US donors. Meg and son Paul, a lawyer, are expecting their second child in January.
Now all the above is a simplified overview. There are even more people involved, on and off, in this endeavor and additional items have not been covered to save this from becoming far too long.
So, please keep us in mind during this Christmas season. We like to think that contributing to LifeSiteNews at this time is especially appropriate given the nature and importance of what we do.
Faith, Life and Family – LifeSiteNews, just by reporting the truth, helps in a large way to protect those precious gifts from God which are best exemplified by the infant Christ Child’s birth.

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