Our announcement today about the LifeSiteNews written defense against the Fr. Gravel lawsuit does not include some important additional, introductory information. We did not want to make it longer than it already is. However, there is more that should be said.

First off, the suit is against LifeSiteNews and five named staff. Also sued in the same Gravel legal action is the Quebec pro-life organization, Campaigne Quebec Vie. We are not in any formal way associated with that organization and infrequently communicate with them about happenings in their province.

It is obvious that by far the main target of the lawsuit is LifeSiteNews. Why this totally separate Quebec pro-life advocacy organization is being sued together with a news service that reports on developments around the world is a mystery. Why the Quebec court would actually accept such an arrangement is also a big question.

Fr. Gravel is from Quebec. We don’t have any staff in Quebec and very rarely travel there. Quebec is an overwhelmingly French speaking Canadian province and none of our staff speaks French fluently, if at all. We have to travel to Quebec to attend the court hearings. Quebec law is in many ways different than the laws in other Canadian provinces. We therefore had to find and hire a team of French speaking Quebec lawyers and experts to act on our behalf.

So far, the eventual trial is required to take place in Quebec only and in Fr. Gravel’s backyard in his Joliette diocese, where is he is well known and admired. Not exactly a fair or level playing field. LifeSiteNews is at a distinct disadvantage in many ways regarding this case.

One would think that there would be legally required accommodations to balance the disadvantages that are currently imposed on us because of the geographic, language, cultural and community benefits that are all overwhelmingly in Fr. Gravel’s favour.

Still, we have a great defense team. Really impressive folks. So, we will have to try to make lemonade out of a lemon and it certainly seems that we are succeeding at that.

In the end, we want this entire episode to end up advancing the cause of life, family and truth in an important region of the world (Quebec) that is hurting in many serious ways from a lack of exposure to truth, or at least balanced information, about very important issues.

It has been stressful, but also an adventure.

Please read the various articles that we will be publishing on our defense. I am sure you will find it quite enlightening. It tells a fascinating and disturbing story and concerns many fundamental issues and the freedom to disseminate truth.