A fire destroyed his home and everything in it…except his Bible

One firefighter emerged with 'tears in his eyes,' informing Scot Byrd that his grandfather's Bible alone 'did not have one scorch mark on it.'
Fri Mar 8, 2019 - 10:25 am EST
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Annette Byrd via Fox News Digital.

BON SECOUR, Alabama, March 8, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — An Alabama father of four took it as a comfort from God when firefighters extracted his family Bible, unscathed, from the smoking wreck of his home.

Scot Byrd related to reporters in February how one firefighter emerged from the building with "tears in his eyes," informing Byrd that his grandfather's Bible "did not have one scorch mark on it." Byrd lost his house and all the rest of his possessions in a Christmas tree fire on January 8. He and his family were away from home as the fire occurred, and no one was harmed.

The Bible survived not only the fire, but also the water from the firefighters' hoses as they controlled the blaze. Byrd was told that someone might as well have come into the devastated house after the fact and set the Bible upon the wreckage.

Stories of Christian items coming untouched out of disasters are far from unheard of. The month prior, a man in Oklahoma recovered his undamaged childhood Bible from his truck, also destroyed by fire.

Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York, excavators famously discovered a 17-foot cross among the rubble. The cross, comprising two intersecting steel beams, was subsequently installed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum, over the objections of an atheist group.

Statues and images of the Virgin Mary have also survived numerous natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey, a fire at a military base in Spain, and the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that devastated Mexico City in 2017. The tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe, itself bearing a number of miraculous properties, remained untouched when an unidentified man detonated a bomb in the sanctuary of the basilica where it's located.

Another miraculous survival comes from the Battle of Lepanto (1571), memorialized in a famous poem by G.K. Chesterton, in which Christian naval forces repelled the Islamic horde seeking to invade Europe. An image of Christ on the Cross is said to have dodged a cannonball that tore through the ship in which the image was installed. The Holy Christ of Lepanto is on display today in the Cathedral of Barcelona in Spain.

Scot Byrd, a veteran, had lived in his Bon Secour home for 20 years. His sister, Annette, set up a fundraiser to help the family get back on their feet.

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