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(LifeSiteNews) — To the chagrin of the pro-LGBT mainstream American media, the head coach and star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs did not throw Harrison Butker under the bus this week. 

Both future Hall of Fame coach Andy Reid and all-pro QB Patrick Mahomes stood by their embattled 28-year-old field goal kicker while speaking to the press at the team’s first day of voluntary workouts Wednesday.  

Like Butker, Mahomes has three Super Bowl titles under his belt. Both were drafted in 2017 and have been teammates on the Chiefs since then. In his remarks to the media, Mahomes said that while there were “certain things” that Butker said in his commencement address that he doesn’t “necessarily agree with,” he is still a standup man and solid teammate. 

“I’ve known him for seven years and I judge him by the character that he shows every single day and that’s a good person. That’s someone who cares about the people around him, cares about his family and wants to make a good impact in society,” he said. 

Mahomes added that, “when you’re in the locker room, there’s a lot of people from a lot of different areas in life and they have a lot of different views on everything.” 

Reid was a bit more blunt after a woke reporter asked him about potential female employees of the franchise coming to him with complaints of players “speaking ill of” women. 

“I don’t think he was speaking ill to women. But he has his opinions and we all respect that. I let you guys in this room, and you all have a lot of opinions that I don’t like,” Reid pushed back. 

Reid also clarified that he talks to Butker “all the time” but that he “didn’t talk to him about this. I didn’t think we needed to. We’re a microcosm of life here. Everybody is from different areas, different religions, different races. And so we all get along, we all respect each other’s opinions and not necessarily do we go by those, but we respect everybody to have a voice.” 

Reid and Mahomes’ support for Butker is a sign that the franchise is fully behind him. In an Instagram post last Thursday, Tavia Hunt, the wife of the team’s CEO Clark Hunt, shared a pro-family message defending the beauty of motherhood, a theme Butker drove home in his speech.  

“I believe finding a spouse who loves and honors you as or before himself and raising a family together is one of the greatest blessings this world has to offer,” she explained 

Tavia was preceded in expressing support for Butker by her daughter Gracie, who defended him even more explicitly during an appearance on Fox News.   

“I really respect Harrison and his Christian faith and what he’s accomplished on and off the field,” she said on Fox & Friends last week. “I had the most incredible mom who had the ability to stay home and be with us as kids growing up.” 

A LifeSiteNews petition supporting Butker has garnered more than 20,000 signatures in less than a week after being launched.  

A growing number of clergy, including Bishop Joseph Strickland, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, as well as prominent lay persons like former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz have expressed support for Butker in recent days. His red number 7 jersey has been a best-seller since his speech.  

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also commented on the situation while in Nashville for league meetings this week. 

“We have over 3,000 players. We have executives around the league. They have a diversity of opinions and thoughts, just like America does. I think that’s something that we treasure and that’s part of ultimately what makes us as a society better,” he said. 

Jonathan Beane, the league’s senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer, previously said that Butker’s views “are not those of the NFL as an organization.” 

Butker did not speak with reporters Wednesday.