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ROME (LifeSiteNews) – Italy under Prime Minister Mario Draghi enacted a COVID jab segregation program that will see as many as 500,000 Italians over age 50 out of work for not taking the jab.

The Super Green Pass program that came into effect in January does not allow for the presentation of a negative COVID test in order to participate in social settings, even though the previous Green Pass did.

A new compulsory vaccination mandate that extended to all Italians over 50 years old came into effect yesterday, and they are required to present a Super Green Pass in order to work.

Currently, almost 90 percent of Italians over 12 years old have taken two doses of the experimental and abortion-tainted jab, but that is not enough for Draghi.

Speaking about the compulsory jab program for those over 50, he said unjabbed Italians of that age must be jabbed in order to “return to be part of society with all of us,” thereby intimating that he does not view the unvaccinated as “part of society.”

Conservative commentator Steve Deace of BlazeTV said the move by the Italian PM was “fascism.”

Workers under age 50 can still use the Green Pass, which allows the presentation of a negative test in lieu of vaccination.

Those over 50 will also be fined 100 Euros for not taking the jab.

Walter Ricciardi, an adviser to the Italian health ministry, told the La Repubblica newspaper that the Green Pass system “must be maintained for all of 2022” and it must one of the “pillars of the new normal.”