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May 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In this very special episode of Ladies of LifeSite, we honor and celebrate all mothers. Since Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, some of the men and husbands at LifeSite recorded short tributes to their wives and in turn all mothers out there. This podcast is a reminder to everyone just how appreciated moms are, even if they might not realize it day to day.

Listen to the full episode:

Mothers are an incredibly exceptional and vital part of all our lives and families. Mamas will save and restore our culture, after all, they are the ones who nurture, teach, guide, and suffer with their children, the future generations. Because of this, on Sunday and every day of the year all moms deserve our respect and gratitude for their selfless love.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful and heartwarming testimonies from some of the men and husbands at LifeSite, as they witness how wives and mothers are such an extraordinary light for the family. May it be an inspiration and encouragement to every mother listening in.

The Ladies of LifeSite want to wish a very happy *almost* Mother’s Day to all of the mamas that listen to our show. You are a huge blessing to your family and to the world!

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