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A traditionally-dressed woman (Cholita) with a baby on her back during the May, 2016 Labor Day Parade in La Paz,

BOLIVIA (LifeSiteNews) — Catholics in Bolivia, both clerical and lay, are denouncing a government sex-ed program for schoolchildren that includes transgender ideology. 

Father Pedro Flores, a delegate of the Educational Community of the ecclesiastical vicariate of Beni in Bolivia, condemned the program as “a perverted curriculum, which will pervert the minds of children.” Pointing to the manipulative way in which transgender lifestyles were being introduced into children’s education, Flores declared in a Jan. 20 press conference, “Under the umbrella of what sex education is, they want to present gender ideology and show, as if there were a third way, the identity of the human person.” The priest called on all Bolivians to oppose “such a perverse action as this.” 

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Similarly, the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference has urged parents to oppose actively the government undermining the moral education of their children. The president of the Association of Parents of La Salle School, Jeannine Vaca Cuellar, also called on parents to mobilize against the mandated curriculum, declaring, “We cannot allow the Ministry of Education to come and tell us how we’re going to educate our children.” 

The new curriculum, announced in December by the Ministry of Education, was approved on Jan. 3 in a ministerial resolution governing educational and school management for 2023. The resolution takes effect February 1, the first day of classes for the year. 

The Bolivian government’s program comes as the transgender ideology craze sweeps across nations in the West, with extreme leftists fighting in legislatures and school boards to indoctrinate and sexualize impressionable young minds, often even without parental knowledge, leading to the children’s moral, psychological, and physical harm. 

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