‘Me and My Friends’

  For me and my friends
  To follow the trends
  Is simply a matter of choice
  Autonomy rules
  That all but poor fools
  Speak loud and speak clear with one voice

  Some talk of abortion
  With warning and caution
  But science has shown very well
  That it’s safe and its normal
  That it’s healthy and moral
  And that it sends no one to hell

  Some say that to toke
  Or to drink or to smoke
  In the long run will make you quite ill
  And they say the same thing
  Of the condom and pill
  But for us that is only a joke

  And they say at life’s end
  May heaven forefend
  We’re dispatched by the medical staff
  But why stick around
  When so frail and bed bound
  And living’s no longer a laugh

  So let’s shout it out loud
  That to follow the crowd
  Is the proof of our freedom of will
  And if even one prank
  Should cost at the bank
  Let the government handle the bill

  John B. Shea
  Oct 3, 2007