Dear friends of life and family,

One of the foremost groups pushing homosexuality and abortion on the international level has just received a $100 million dollar donation from financier George Soros.

Soros has become a champion in the anti-life and anti-family movement. To counter this, we need you to become champions for life and family.

The billionaire philanthropist recently announced his donation of $100 million to Human Rights Watch. Our goal at LifeSiteNews for this quarter is a thousand times less than that – a mere $100,000.

Soros realized the need to support Human Rights Watch on a large scale because of their international work beyond the United States.

From our beginnings, LifeSiteNews has worked on the international level, interacting with life and family groups all over the globe. This is truly an international battle, and just as the culture of death seeks to influence the world-at-large, so too do the soldiers for the Culture of Life need to join together internationally to affect change.

With the recent donation to Human Rights Watch, Soros has truly become an icon to the liberal and progressive organizations.

Imagine if LifeSiteNews had a “George Soros” who truly understood the meaning of dignity and human rights. Like Human Rights Watch, LifeSiteNews would be able to reach out far more effectively to the world with such a contribution.

We could achieve our vision of becoming THE life and family news service for pro-life and pro-family activists the world over.

LifeSiteNews would be upholding the dignity of human life, educating and activating millions of individuals everywhere for positive and effective cultural change.

The battle is truly momentous. It means literally the survival of civilization.

Sadly, Soros is one of many wealthy and powerful individuals who demonstrate much affection for the anti-life and anti-family cause.

Yet LifeSiteNews has powerful weapons to counter the culture of death – we have the awesome power of prayer, love, and truth.

We ask you to become our champions in the pro-life and pro-family cause.

While organizations such as Human Rights Watch receive financial assistance from powerful billionaires, LifeSiteNews remains a strong voice in the Culture of Life due to your support.

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Together, we can demonstrate the beauty and effectiveness of the pro-life and pro-family message.

And perhaps, someday, Mr. Soros will recognize such beauty, and therefore come to a better understanding of what constitutes human rights.

Thank you for donating to LifeSiteNews and being our champions in the Culture of Life.

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For Life and Family,

Steve Jalsevac
Managing Director

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