Abandonment of Judaeo/Christian Heritage Has Left West Vulnerable to Fundamental Islam

Thu Mar 6, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Steve Jalsevac
  March 6, 2008 ( - In the wider Muslim world a substantial percentage of the followers of Islam live a relatively peaceful and productive co-existance with other cultures and faiths. There is, however, a growing movement toward radical, fundamentalist Islam, which movement is coming especially out of the Middle East, and is now spreading to many Muslims within North America. William Federer explains that in the West multiculturism policies appear to be a major factor facilitating that radicalism and its intolerant, violent attitude to its host nations.

  In an interview with LifeSiteNews Federer explained that western society is itself largely to blame for the rapid increase of threats to its civilization from a variety of sources. The abandonment of our Judaeo/Christian heritage and the resulting internal corruption has greatly weakened us. The relativistic liberal creed that one culture is as good as another belittles the value of our once strong, free and prosperous Christian-based society.

  The rejection of our traditional religious faith and its moral and other social principles has left a great vacuum.  Those from more solidly identified, but also radically different cultures, naturally see this as an opportunity to expand their worldview.

  Federer says that by leaving ourselves so vulnerable and being so unwilling to defend our heritage we are betraying our ancestors. Those ancestors  made great sacrifices over hundreds of years in order to build and defend Christian civilization, which has given so much to the world.

  By being overly tolerant of Islam within our society, Federer says we have exhibited both an ignorance of the nature of what he call "fundamental Islam" and a lack of confidence and appreciation for the enormous proven value of our own traditions. However, he also emphasized to LifeSiteNews that we are obligated to be faithful to the founder of Christianity and to respond to persons of the Muslim faith as Jesus would. That does not exclude the importance of gaining a thorough understanding of Islam and accepting our obligation to vigorously defend all that is good in our traditions and beliefs.

  Today, we present for your consideration William Federer’s article, "Multiculturism a Factor Turning Moderate Muslims Radical?" He presents more relevant history and facts to increase understanding of Islam and the implications of our current response to it.

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