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1 million names against abortion Join us in urging the Supreme Court to stop the killing

OHIO (LifeSiteNews) – Former Planned Parenthood executive turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson addressed Ohio citizens during a rosary rally on Sunday, urging them to vote in favor of a ballot measure to protect children from abortion and mutilating medical intervention for gender confusion. 

Johnson spoke to voters in Norwood, Ohio at a rally sponsored by Catholics for Catholics and the Catholic Speakers Organization on Issue 1, a ballot measure that, if passed, would require increased voter support to enact amendments to the state constitution. The measure will be voted on this week. 

“I’m here because I’m a mom of eight kids,” Johnson began. “I’ve got five boys and three girls, so I’m really fighting for them, because that is what we do as parents. We fight for our kids…I’m standing here before you because we are here to say that we’ve had enough.” 

“Parents are paying attention, and we are done. We are fed up with gender ideology, wokeness and all the other colors of the rainbow being shoved down our throats in the name of tolerance.” 

Johnson painted a vivid picture of the potential horrors that could become commonplace in the state of Ohio by describing what “Planned Parenthood and other abortion proponents” are doing in other states “to whisk our children off in the middle of the school day” to become victims of irreversible procedures framed as “necessary” healthcare and committed without parental knowledge. 

“In many states, young girls will be dropped off at school by their parents, and they’ll be pregnant…And behind their parents’ back, the teacher, the school counselor, the cafeteria lady, the nurse, whoever—has set up an appointment at a dirty, filthy abortion facility in their town. Their parents have no idea the girl’s pregnant; they have no idea that the girl was even having sex, maybe, no idea—nothing.” 

Johnson, who worked for Planned Parenthood for nearly a decade before her conversion, explained that girls as young as 12 and 13 years old are taken to abortion facilities and signing consent forms “that they don’t read and they don’t understand” —which are not explained by employees. 

“On that paper, it says that they’re consenting to the risk of death, infertility, sepsis that can lead to death, retain products of conception — you know what that is? Retain products of their baby. They could have parts of their baby that are retained in their uterus. They could have their baby’s head floating around in their uterus because the abortionist didn’t get it all out. And their baby’s head could then cause an infection in their uterus, and they could die from it.” 

Following the crime, she continued, the school employee will simply return the child to school, where “her parent is going to pick her up in the school pick up line and that parent will have absolutely no idea that their grandchild was killed that day.” 

“If you don’t get this right in Ohio, Planned Parenthood and other groups like them, they are going to be able to give children – maybe your children, maybe other children – cross-sex hormones,” Johnson said. “These cross-sex hormones are synthetic carcinogens…those are cancer-causing drugs. They’re going to be able to give these drugs to your kids without your knowledge or consent.” 

“Issue 1 is common sense,” she added, emphasizing that secret abortions and mutilating surgeries for gender confusion could result from rejecting the measure. “This is a commonsense vote.” 

Johnson concluded by urging voters to share information about the potential disaster of rejecting Issue 1 with “at least eight people” because “we want this to be won by a landslide.” She also pointed out that “what happens here will open up the door for many, many other states” to follow the same path. 

In addition to emphasizing the horror of secret abortions, Johnson also encouraged the crowd by highlighting the victories of conservatives fighting against left-wing cultural agendas. She pointed out that Bud Light’s profits continue to plummet after the brand partnered with gender confused influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Similarly, Target has lost billions of dollars in a boycott since joining forces with a Satanist to promote LGBT-themed products for children. 

She also mentioned boycotts of woke Disney films and Riley Gaines’ advocacy for protecting women’s sports as prime examples of conservative Americans responding to the left-wing pressure by rejecting its radical ideologies.  

As previously noted by LifeSiteNews, a “yes” vote on Issue 1 would require 60% voter support to pass constitutional amendments, whereas the current requirement is 50% plus one vote.  

A radical proposal to enshrine a “right” to abortion in the state constitution is set to appear on the ballot in November while a special election on Issue 1 will be held on Tuesday, August 8. 


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