ROUND ROCK, TX, April 14, 2014 ( – Abby Johnson’s ministry to abortion workers has reached a big milestone in less than two years. On Monday, Johnson announced her group, And Then There Were None, has now helped over 100 abortion workers leave the industry.

“A few weeks ago, we told you that we were very close to reaching our 100th abortion clinic worker.  I'm so happy to announce that we have now reached that mark!  We are actually at 101 workers who have joined our ministry!” Johnson said in an e-mail Monday morning.

According to Johnson, her group is the first “national ministry to help abortion clinic workers transition out of the industry.” She told LifeSiteNews that “there was never one group that everyone could point to and say, 'Hey, you should call them. They can help you.'”


Johnson says the stories her organization can tell are amazing. “We currently have a worker in our ministry who was a part of Gosnell's clinic. She has served her time in prison and is working to get her life back in order,” she wrote. “It has truly been amazing to see her life transformed through the power of Christ. She was also very much a victim to Gosnell and his incredible manipulation.  But she has overcome that part of her life and now fully supports the prolife movement.”

“We also have 4 workers who have come to us… [who] worked for Douglas Karpen out of Houston. They all now have an amazing heart for the unborn, their mothers and anyone else who has been deceived by the abortion industry,” Johnson says. “These women also have an amazing desire to see justice served.  They are working tirelessly to shut down Karpen's clinic and to remove him from the medical field.”

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Johnson says that while she is “just honored that God has allowed me to serve in this way,” she is “still sometimes surprised when I think of how many years went by without this type of ministry in place.  I wonder how many people we could have reached in those 40 years…how many clinics could have been shut down.”

How do clinic workers find And Then There Were None? According to Johnson, Planned Parenthood has inadvertently provided free marketing. “We are a small organization with no paid staff and certainly no advertising budget. But God has worked that out for us. Planned Parenthood has sent out multiple “all staff” emails “warning” their staff about our ministry and encouraging them not to contact us.”

Johnson says the tactic “has backfired on them. We have received dozens of calls from workers who were desperately looking to get out of the industry, but didn't think they could do it alone.”

Of course, Planned Parenthood's slip-ups can't get everyone. “We also send in letters and fliers to the abortion clinics. We call the abortion clinics and let them know about our ministry and how we can help them. We try to be as creative as possible.”

And Then There Were None was also recently approved as a non-profit by the IRS. Tax-deductible donations can be made to “And Then There Were None” here.