WASHINGTON, Feb 23 (LSN) – Yesterday, the US Pro-Life Infonet reported that ABC News author David Phinney attacks pro-lifers in a piece concerning new methods of domestic and international terrorism. The item, entitled Preparing for Terrorists Wielding Weapons of Mass Destruction:  New Tools of Fear and Death, shows extreme bias towards pro-life supporters by insinuating that we are one of several groups that engage in or have an interest in terrorism.  Phinney says “anti-abortion extremists” are one of several “fringe domestic organizations”  that “have been showing keen interest in biochemical weapons.” Phinney’s article may be found at:

Please email Dave Phinney at [email protected] and let him know that pro-life people are not terrorist extremists and that we resent his implication that we support such acts   and tell them you are saddened by the Phinney story and it’s bias against those who support the right to life. Please write in a polite and courteous manner.