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AKRON, OHIO (LifeSiteNews) — An aborted baby was given a respectful burial this weekend.

On Saturday, September 25, over 150 pro-life witnesses attended the funeral for Gianna-John, whose body was discovered in the trash container of the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center (NEOWC) abortion clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The aborted baby, named by local pro-lifers, was laid to rest at Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron, Ohio during a burial service organized by Northeast Ohio Right to Life. Gianna-John was approximately 15 to 16 weeks gestational age when she or he was killed by the Dilation and Evacuation (D & E) abortion method.

The interfaith burial service participants included Denise Liepold, Executive Director of Northeast Ohio Right to Life,  Rev. Walter Moss, Rev. Bob Schneider and Father Thomas McCann. Music was provided by Jeff and Kira Andrea of Mercy Divine. Monica Miglioriono Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society also spoke at the ceremony. Nationally-known pro-life leader Mark Harrington of Created Equal also attended the funeral.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association donated the burial site and headstone, Heaven’s Gate Ministries donated the casket and vault, and Anthony Funeral Home in Akron donated their services for this unwanted, abandoned aborted baby.

Monica Migliorino Miller stated: “In the Christian religion there are seven corporal works of mercy. The last work of mercy, ‘to bury the dead,’ however, was the first work of mercy this aborted baby will ever know this side of heaven.”

“Gianna-John is the reality of abortion–murdered in the womb in a horrific act of violence, and then literally tossed into a trash container,” she continued.

“Sixty-two million other innocent human beings have shared this same fate–killed with the sanction of law! If the finding of this aborted child calls us to re-double our efforts to bring an end to legalized abortion, then Gianna-John will not have died in vain.”

On Friday, June 4, 2021, a Red Rose Rescue took place at the Cuyahoga Falls abortion facility. Three days later, Matthew Connolly, a member of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society who has also participated in Red Rose Rescues, decided to search the trash containers of the abortion facility. Carefully looking though each bag, he discovered the aborted baby wrapped up in a blood-stained blue surgical pad used during the abortion procedure.

Poignantly, those who participated in the June 4 Red Rose Rescue may have tried to save this particular baby from abortion, as might have the faithful sidewalk counsellors who were at the clinic the next day, Saturday, June 5, or on Monday, June 7.

Several discarded prescription vials and urine cups that contained 33 intact names of clinic patients, as well as bio-hazard waste—such as other bloody blue surgical papers and soiled suction cannulas used in the clinic’s abortion procedures—were also found in the abortion clinic’s trash cans. Northeast Ohio Right to Life and Right to Life of Ohio  have filed complaints with the Ohio Board of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and reported the HIPPA violations to the Federal Office of Civil Rights. The Cuyahoga Falls abortion center is currently under investigation.

The NEOWC abortion clinic has had a troubled history. One of its chief abortionists, David Burkons, had his license revoked for six months as he was cited for providing “under the table” dangerous narcotics to patients and friends. In March 2019, it was discovered that the clinic was operating under an expired license. On July 25, 2020 a 29-year-old woman was taken by ambulance from the clinic suffering from “uncontrolled bleeding” due to complications of the abortion procedure.