By Terry Vanderheyden

TORONTO, January 20, 2006 ( – Canadian abortion campaigner Henry Morgentaler is teeming up with fellow abortion advocates at a press conference scheduled for 2:00 pm today.

It appears they will follow Paul Martin’s so-far-backfiring-strategy of trying to frighten Canadians from voting for the Conservatives with scary scenarios about crime rising from restrictions on abortion and religious fanatics imposing their views.

Besides being Canada’s most prominent abortionist, Morgentaler is also a militant atheist and strong NDP socialist supporter.

Morgentaler will be joined by abortionÂactivists June Callwood, Carolyn Egan, Heather Mallick and Kim Walker, to discourage Conservative support, “to keep Government and religious organizations from imposing their belief systems on people’s lives,” according to a press release.

June Callwood is the honorary director of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL), and a Globe & Mail columnist. Carolyn Egan represents the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. After making a splash as a lesbian activist in the 1970s, Egan went on to fame during the 1980s as a staunch Morgentaler supporter.

Heather Mallick, also a columnist at the Globe,Âwrote an article and two columns urging that Henry Morgentaler be given the Order of Canada. In her columns she also described a 12-week-old fetus as a “dot,” labelled pro-life members of Parliament in good standing as “stooges” and “daft,” depicted abortuaries as places of merriment and music and suggested that pro-life Canadians are prone to violence.

Kim Walker represents “Students for Choice.”

Stephen Harper “owes a debt to the religious right, those that got him elected as party leader,” the coalition cautioned in their release. “These individuals have made it abundantly clear that they will do whatever it takes to remove a woman’s right to choose.”

The release resurrected the unfounded and ridiculous assertion that murdering the “unwanted” before they are born has reduced the violent crime rate. They praised legal abortion because, “More children are being born wanted and desired and consequently fewer children are abused, neglected or brutalized with a result that fewer young people carry a rage in their heart which leads to violent criminal behaviour.”

Morgentaler has issued the same claim repeatedly since the 1990s, most recently in 2004 after Statistics Canada released information showing that Canada had the lowest crime rate since 1967.

“Well- known Conservative MPs like Stockwell Day, Jason Kenney, and Cheryl Gallant are on record violently opposing women’s right to choose and would likely become Cabinet ministers in a Harper government,” Morgentaler’s group continued. They added, “Numerous Conservative MP’s and candidates have gone on record to indicate that they will push for a free vote on this very issue. Steven Harper is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

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