Abortion and Morning After Pill Rates Rise in Tandem in Sweden

STOCKHOLM, August 25, 2008 ( - According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, morning-after pill and abortion rates have risen significantly since 2000.

37,205 abortions were procured in Sweden in 2007, compared to the 30,980 in 2000 - an increase of approximately 17 percent. In Stockholm alone, 10,259 abortions were carried out in 2007, up 6.9 percent from 2006.

The morning-after pill, which functions as an abortifacient, has also become increasingly popular.  Recorded uses of it have doubled in Sweden and tripled in Stockholm since it became a non-prescription drug in 2001.

Many advocates of contraception claim that by promoting the use of contraceptives, abortion rates will decrease. However, experience has repeatedly shown that, rather than decreasing abortion rates, widespread contraceptive use increases the number of abortions.

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