LONDON, June 29, 2003 ( –  A floating Dutch abortion boat that had been detained in a Polish port has been allowed to continue on its mission after Women on Waves, the group in charge of the ship, was fined $3000 and had its medicines sealed by customs officials.  Women on Waves, which issued a press release last week indicating it intended to offer drug-induced abortions off the coast of predominantly Catholic Poland, was given the fine for failing to follow harbourmaster instructions while docking.  The group will be free to access its lethal drugs, including the abortifacient morning after pill and RU-486 pill which are illegal in Poland, after it travels twelve miles to international waters.  The boat was able to bring some women on board who were seeking advice on contraception and abortion.  However, Lech Kowalewski, spokesman for the Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements, explained that the boat’s visit was mainly an attention grabbing stunt designed as an attack against Poland’s tough abortion laws.  The goal of Women on Waves “is to stay in the media as long as possible,” said Kowalewski.  Women on Waves intends to appeal the fine.  See AFP coverage from Yahoo:   See Related LifeSite coverage.  Abortion Ship Pelted With Eggs and Paint and Searched by Polish Customs Officers