VANCOUVER, February 7, 2002 ( – Pro-abortion groups are admitting defeat of their attempt to have an advertisement regulator declare inaccurate an ad presenting scientific evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer. The Pro-Choice Action Network, run by pro-abortion activist Joyce Arthur, filed a formal complaint about the abortion/breast cancer ad by Surrey Delta Pro-Life with Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) in October.

The pro-abortion group’s publication reveals that in late December, ASC declined to review the breast cancer/abortion ad any further. It said there are “serious and noteworthy considerations in dispute”, but they are “complex” and “beyond the resources” and “expertise” of ASC to evaluate.

Hilda Krieg, President of the Surrey Delta Pro-Life group told LifeSite she only learned of the ruling in their favour with the February 2002 publication of the pro-abortion publication.

(with files from Pro-Life E-News Canada)