FARGO, June 20, 2003 ( – On Wednesday the North Dakota Supreme Court heard an appeal of a lawsuit against an abortuary claiming false advertising on the link between abortion and breast cancer.  The issue before the court is whether or not a Red River Women’s Clinic pamphlet, which leads women to believe there is no link between abortion and breast cancer (ABC link), is false advertising.  The suit was filed by Amy Jo Kjolsrud (Mattson), a former Fargo resident on behalf of the general public.  Kjolsrud was represented by pro-life attorney John Kindley.  Despite the fact that 28 of 37 studies demonstrate the ABC link, including 13 out of 15 from the United States, the abortuary stated in its pamphlet that “no evidence” showed the ABC link.  On August 2, 2002, after a bench trial, the trial court dismissed Kjolsrud’s complaint with prejudice and awarded costs and disbursements to the Clinic.  The Supreme court reserved judgment on the appeal.  See the legal briefs filed or listen to the oral arguments online at: