Abortion Center Fights Playground - Sound of children playing strains abortion-bound mothers

PERTH, Australia, July 21, 2004 ( - A Marie Stopes International Australia abortuary is objecting to a planned childcare centre being built next door—officials are worried that the happy sounds of children playing will be upsetting to women who are about to kill their own unborn children.  ‘The main reason (for the objection) was that their clients would be hopping out of their car to enter the back door of the clinic and would hear the voices of children and I guess they felt that was going to emotionally upset them,” Mayor Charlie Gregorini said, as reported by Australia’s Sunday Times. “It would be an emotional situation for someone who’s decided to have an abortion and then the last thing they hear before they enter the clinic is the happy voices of children.”  The abortuary came to an agreement with the childcare centre through a mediator, that a two meter concrete wall would be erected to block the children’s sounds.  tv

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