SAN ANTONIO, July 9, 2002 ( – Breast cancer researcher Brent Rooney has revealed that a San Antonio, Texas, USA clinic (A Woman’s Choice Quality Health Center) has women sign abortion consent forms that include the following:

“… I also realize that the following risks and hazards may occur in   connection with this particular procedure: … possible increased lifetime risk of breast cancer….”  Rooney’s latest newsletter also features Australian pro-life leader Babette Francis encouraging pro-lifers worldwide to follow the example of Australia where in 2001 a woman won a settlement from an abortionist who put her at increased risk of breast cancer.  Francis writes: “All doctors, and especially abortionists, hate malpractice suits. Even if they win, they lose so much valuable ‘aborting’ time, time they have to spend with their lawyers and in court, and answering interrogatories and discovery documents. Also if a doctor has two or more cases brought against him, his insurance company becomes very restive.  Our objective should be to make abortionists uninsurable, and this can be achieved by adding “failure to warn of increased breast cancer risk, and failure to advise of the protective effect of full-term pregnancy” to all existing malpractice cases and to initiate new cases on a no-sin-no-fee basis and thus force the Defendants to debate the ABC risk in open court under oath.”