NEW ORLEANS, September 28, 2005 ( – In a move billed as a humanitarian gesture, one Little Rock abortuary is offering free abortions to Katrina evacuees.

Little Rock Family Planning clinic director Jerry Edwards argues that if the women don’t abort their children right away, they could be facing more hazardous partial-birth abortions later. “If we didn’t provide it now, they would get it later – a late-term abortion that would give greater risk to the mother’s health,” he claimed, as reported by the Denton Record-Chronicle.

A local area Right to Life group said the free abortion offer was adding insult to injury. Arkansas Right to Life Executive Director Rose Mimms described Edward’s offer as “insensitive,” adding that an abortion would compound a woman’s losses experienced since the hurricane forced Gulf coast residents from their homes.

Arkansas Right to Life has begun their own initiative, called Operation Baby Box, that provides a free gift of baby diapers and supplies for expectant mothers displaced by hurricane Katrina, Mimms said.