TOPEKA, Kansas, October 20, 2005 ( – Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline’s continuing investigation into child rape has led to the Kansas Supreme Court, where a decision is expected soon on whether to allow the release of 90 files from late-term abortionists.

In February, Kline had subpoenaed the files from the Comprehensive Health clinic in Overland Park and George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care clinic in Wichita. The purpose was to investigate the clinics for alleged cover-ups of rape committed against girls less than 16 years of age who had been impregnated by older men.

On Tuesday, Kline’s office held a press conference to disclose that an investigation into live births led to an additional 30 instances of child rape involving girls 10 to 13 years old. Kline learned that the average age of the fathers was seven years older than the mothers and, generally speaking, the younger the mother – the older the male. The information includes 17 cases where the father is reported as “unknown”. Of these cases all but one involves a mother who is 13 years of age or younger.

Kline said he suspects that in many of the 16 cases, the child abuser may be a family member, neighbor or close relation. “The mother is afraid to report the crime,” he said, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

Up until now, Kline’s investigation had been limited to abortionists and their collusion in child rape by failing to report underage abortions. This had led some abortionists to claim that Kline, an acknowledged pro-lifer, was merely going after the abortionists.

“Evidence indicates that each of the 90 medical records that the judge subpoenaed contain evidence of misdemeanors and felonies,” Kline’s spokesman Whitney Watson told Thursday. When asked what repercussions could befall the clinics in the event that they are found guilty of abetting rapists, Watson responded, “As in any other crime, if we’re convinced by the evidence, we will file the appropriate charges and hope that we will secure a conviction.”

“Keeping Kansas children safe is one of the primary responsibilities of the office of attorney general,” Kline said at the news conference Tuesday. “Rape is a serious crime and when a 10, 11, or 12 year old is pregnant – they have been raped under Kansas law,” he said in February when he initiated the investigation. “As the State’s Chief Law Enforcement Official I have the duty to investigate and prosecute child rape and other crimes in order to protect Kansas children. The issue before the Supreme Court is whether a district court judge can issue a subpoena when the judge has probable cause to believe that crimes have occurred, including child rape.”

“There are two things child predators want: access to children and secrecy and as Attorney General I am bound and determined to not give them either,” he added. “The child’s privacy is always protected and the clinics should not act to protect the secrecy of the predator! One Kansas clinic recently provided records to Texas; the Kansas subpoena is no different.”

The Kansas State Supreme Court’s decision is expected by month’s end.

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