Abortion Doctor Loses Medical License On Account of “Vile, Disgusting” Clinic, Allegations of Cannib

Tue Jun 14, 2005 - 12:15 pm EST

TOPEKA, KA, June 14, 2005 ( – The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts unanimously voted this past Saturday to revoke the medical license of abortionist Krishna Rajanna. The vote comes two months after Krishna’s “Affordable Medicine Clinic” was shut down due to unsafe conditions.

Krishna’s clinic has been the subject of scrutiny for several years, ever since Detective William Howard was called into the clinic by Rajanna in order to investigate ultimately unsubstantiated claims of theft.

Although the detective investigated Rajanna’s allegations, his concern quickly shifted to the criminally negligent hygienic state of the clinic. In a statement to the House Committee on Health and Human Services on March 15, 2005 Detective Howard described in detail Krishna’s personal lack of hygiene as well as the “disgusting” condition the clinic was in.

“There were dirty dishes in the sink and on the tabletop, trash everywhere, and roaches crawling across the countertops, with a smell of a stench in the room. Frankly I was reluctant to sit down,” said the detective. “The medical equipment was cleaned with Clorox and water then put in a ‘dishwasher’.”

“I thought I had heard and seen every vile, disgusting crime scene but was in for a new shock when I started this investigation.”

Howard reports that, even more disturbingly, “the female witness went on to describe of how she and other girls actually witnessed Rajanna microwave one of the aborted fetuses and stir it into his lunch.”

The Board of Healing Arts, however, chose not to pursue the worst of these allegations and focused instead on the unsterile state of his clinic, which produced more than sufficient reason to revoke Rajanna’s license.Â

Rajanna had already been disciplined in 2000 and 2001 for failing to properly test the blood-types of his patients and for improperly labeling medications. Two recent visits by a health board inspector had revealed yet again the lack of cleanliness in the facility, including a dead mouse in the hallway and syringes kept in an unlocked refrigerator.Â

Rajanna’s attorney attempted to defend his client by pointing out that revoking his license would hurt the low-income clients who sought abortions at Rajanna’s clinic.

Board member Nancy Welsh was not impressed by this argument, pointing out that just because people are poor is no reason to offer them lesser medical standards. “Why do they deserve a dirty clinic?” she asked.

This case comes shortly after Kansas legislative approval was given to a bill which would require abortion clinics to obtain an annual license from the Department of Health hand Environment, as well as forcing them to adhere to a strict set of health and safety guidelines. It will not go into effect, however, as pro-abortion governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed the bill saying that it shouldn’t be up to legislators to lay out medical guidelines.


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