John-Henry Westen


Abortion Doctor’s Receptionist Charged with performing Illegal Abortions

John-Henry Westen

LAKEWOOD, NJ, January 18, 2005 ( - A receptionist at a New Jersey abortion clinic has been charged with injecting abortion-inducing drugs. 

The receptionist had performed at least 4 abortions at the office of Dr. Flavius Thompson and pocketed $500 per procedure. This investigation exposes some of the many abuses that occur daily inside the so-called “safe and legal” abortion industry.

“This has always been an industry driven by greed which exploits women and puts their lives at risk, while deceptively marketing itself as champions of “women’s rights,” said Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.

“New Jersey’s laws are very lax when in comes to abortion.  It has become the great untouchable of law and politics.  New Jersey abortion clinics are not even required to report abortions,” said Tasy. “Parents of minors need to be on guard that their minor daughter can get an abortion anywhere in New Jersey without their knowledge or consent. The lack of protective laws increases their risk of encountering unscrupulous abortion providers and staff which has been so pervasive throughout the industry."

Tasy called on state legislative leaders and lawmakers to pass a Parental Notification Constitutional Amendment without delay. Tasy said that although the girl in this situation was 18, from another state and legally an adult, this tragedy could just as easily befall a minor in New Jersey.

“It is bad enough that RU 486 is not safe and is being administered to teens in NJ without parental supervision, now we hear the disturbing news that it is being administered by abortion clinic receptionists who are pocketing the money.  If that isn’t reason to sound the alarms, I don’t know what is,” said Tasy.

New Jersey has the highest teen abortion rate in the nation according to recent statistics.

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