Abortion-Drug Manufacturer Sued by Parents of Teen Who Died Using RU-486

LIVERMORE, California, December 21, 2004 ( - The parents of Holly Patterson, who died from a RU-486 drug-induced abortion in September 2003, have sued the manufacturer of the drug, along with the abortion provider Planned Parenthood and others for their 18-year-old daughter’s death.  Holly died of septic shock—a blood infection—a few weeks after receiving the cocktail from a Planned Parenthood Golden Gate abortionist.

Monty and Deborah Patterson’s suit asserts that the Mifeprex manufacturer, Danco Laboratories, neglected to warn doctors of potentially serious complications arising from the use of the drug in women. The lawsuit, filed Friday in Alameda County Superior Court, does not specify a specific amount for damages.  The Patterson’s attorney, Mark Crawford, said the lawsuit was “filed because there’s been some wrongdoing on the part of the drug manufacturer and drug sponsor here in not getting the warning out.”  The suit also names Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, who provided Holly with the drug; the group who sponsored development of the drug, New York City-based Population Council; the doctor who treated Holly in the emergency room; and ValleyCare Health System, which operates the Pleasanton hospital where Holly died.  At least three other women have died from RU-486 in North America and at least 13 have required blood transfusions due to excessive blood loss. In 5-8 percent of cases, RU-486 causes severe complications. Danco, the drug’s manufacturer, has reported at least 400 adverse events since RU-486 was approved.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s 2003-2004 Annual Report reveals that they care little for the safety of the women it claims to want to serve. Even after 18-year-old Holly Patterson was killed by complications from an RU-486 abortion at Planned Parenthood, the organization sold the dangerous abortion pill over 95,000 times at 203 of its clinics.  Read related coverage:  Planned Parenthood Alone Responsible for Nearly 250,000 US Abortions Last Year   Hospital Failed to Cite Holly Patterson’s Death from RU-486 as Unusual


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