By Kathleen Gilbert

ROCKFORD, Illinois, July 7, 2009 ( – The pattern of abuse at a Rockford abortion facility has continued after an employee allegedly struck with his car a homeless man praying with pro-life protesters, and drove away, according to witnesses at the scene.

The vehicle reportedly struck Scott Griffin on Wednesday as it drove into the driveway of the abortion facility, where pro-lifers say workers frequently drive recklessly in an apparent attempt to intimidate those praying and handing out pro-life literature.

“The dark colored SUV the clinic worker was driving hit Scott Griffin with the mirror on the passenger side so hard the mirror was slammed back into the vehicle and Mr. Griffin was stunned and bruised,” Rockford pro-life veteran Kevin Rilott said. 

“After the clinic worker hit him she didn't slow down or stop to see how he was – she just kept going.”

Another witness, George Lambert, said the female clinic worker “really nailed the guy hard – I couldn't believe she didn't even stop to see how he was.”

City Attorney Kerry Partridge refused to comment on whether any suspects had been questioned or charged, saying only that the case is still under investigation. (LSN) has previously reported on the bizarre behavior of the owner and a local abortion supporter at Rockford's Northern Illinois Women's Center. Pro-life protesters have been regularly harassed and grotesque displays remain in the abortion mill's windows, including rubber chickens hanging from nooses, a crufied rubber chicken, a nun doll in a miniature coffin and displays with crucifixes and the words “Jesus loves you a**holes.”

One of the most recent additions to the facility's displays is a hand-written sign that reads “NIWC 50,000; JC 50,” which indicates the number of abortions performed at the Northern Illinois Women's Center in comparison to 50 saved from abortion by “J.C.” – or Jesus Christ.

In March, LSN reported that two young African-American men persuaded their female companion not to abort her child after they were horrified by the rubber chickens hanging by nooses in the abortion facility windows, which pro-lifers at the scene pointed out to them.

The recent Rockford incident continues a rash of violence against pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors across the country in recent weeks. Last week a man was arrested after he pulled a gun on a woman offering him pro-life literature in front of a Phoenix abortion mill. Another vehicular assault occurred in June at a Chico, CA abortion clinic, where a pro-life protester was nearly run down by an SUV.  Witnesses report the driver was enraged by the graphic abortion image the woman carried.  The suspected attacker was subsequently arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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