Abortion in Minnesota Drops to Lowest Rate in 30 Years after Informed Consent Law

ST. PAUL, July 14, 2005 ( government health department report has just been released showing the effectiveness of laws put in place in Minnesota requiring a wait period before aborting and information on the nature of abortion and fetal development. The Center for Health Statistics for the Department of Health issued the study of the abortion statistics for the period January to December 2004 showing more than 2,000 women changed their minds after receiving the information. Abortion in Minnesota is at its lowest rate since 1975.

The law, called Women’s Right to Know, was vigorously opposed by the abortion lobby who, apparently rightly, guessed that full information as to the grisly nature of abortion would cut into their profits.

“This clearly shows that Women’s Right to Know is working,” said Scott Fischbach, executive director of Minnesota Citizen Concerned for Life, a key backer of the bill.

The trend against abortion seems to be growing. This most recent drop comes after three successive drops in annual abortion numbers for the state.

Tina Smith, a vice president at Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the state, dismissed the findings as unimportant. “Planned Parenthood has always provided extensive counseling. … in our experience really nothing has changed,” she said.

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