MADRID, February 4, 2014 ( –Topless Femen activists attacked the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela, this past Sunday night as he got out of his car and tried to enter a Madrid parish to celebrate Mass. The activists blamed the cardinal for the Spanish government’s bill seeking to restrict abortion.


The feminists threw bloodstained underwear at the cardinal while pushing their bare breasts onto him and shouting “Abortion is sacred” and vulgarities.

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“The archbishop has suffered a rain of panties soaked with the blood of our illegal abortions,” reads the Femen website. “This moment has lead him to a mystic experience.”

Parishioners aided the cardinal into the church and were forced to close the church doors.

According to Femen, the attack happened as a request for a “total stop” of the reform that is seeking to restrict abortion in Spain.

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“If this does not happen, our naked war will continue against anyone who threaten (sic) our right to abort!” says their site.

The said reform will eliminate a provision passed in 2010 by the previous socialist government, which allowed for abortion on demand until 14 weeks gestation. The new law will also remove fetal malformation as a reason for the mother to abort and request that minors who abort have parental consent to do so.

Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón, Spain’s Justice Minister and main promoter of the reform, said to the press that the attack on the cardinal was “shameful.”

Earlier this month he declared: “No insult, yelling or scorning can make this minister abdicate in fulfilling the commitment of… regulating women’s rights but also the rights of the conceived and the unborn.”

The Archdiocese of Madrid told the Spanish news service ABC that the archbishop – also President of the Spanish Episcopal Conference – “is well and calm” after the incident, and that he plans to continue his pastoral visits throughout Madrid’s parishes.