John-Henry Westen


“Abortion Kills Kids” T-shirts to be Worn on U.S. National Pro-Life T- shirt Day – April 26

John-Henry Westen

WASHINGTON, February 18, 2005 ( - On April 26, thousands of young people across the United States will participate in American Life League’s National Pro-life T-shirt Day by wearing shirts with pro-life messages to their high schools, colleges and everywhere they travel that day. This third annual event gives America’s pro-life youth the chance to publicly express support for the sanctity of every human being’s life—from conception until natural death. 

“This is a day when the youth can speak out against the holocaust of abortion, which has taken the lives of one-third of their generation,” said Erik Whittington, director of American Life League’s youth outreach. “This event truly does save the lives of preborn children, and it also helps spare their mothers from the tragedy of abortion.” 

In order to make this year’s event the most successful yet, American Life League has introduced a web site dedicated to ALL’s National Pro-life T-shirt Day. The comprehensive new site, gives some history and information about the event, as well as a place to purchase official T-shirts.

Over the past several years, the free speech rights of pro-life Americans have often been suppressed. Especially in public schools, pro-life students have been threatened with detention, suspension or expulsion for wearing shirts carrying pro-life expressions.

The Thomas More Law Center has offered its assistance in a number of these instances in which overzealous school administrators infringed upon students’ free speech rights. “We want to assure all students participating in this year’s T-shirt day that their rights will not be overlooked,” said Whittington. 

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