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Friday September 24, 2010

Abortion May be the “Death Knell” for our Society: U.S. Bishop Doran

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

ROCKFORD, Illinois, September 24, 2010 ( – Bishop Thomas Doran has powerfully tackled the topic of abortion in his latest column for the Diocese of Rockford’s newspaper, The Observer, in which he laments that, “In our devolving and decaying morally relativistic society, there are many people who regard the killing of a pre-born child as of no consequence whatever.”

The bishop’s column, titled “The practice of abortion in our country and city holds hidden dangers,” addresses the danger of abortion “not only for its victims but also for its perpetrators and for societies that permit it, allow it and license it.”

“As with other forms of wrongful activity sanctioned or winked at by the government, procured abortion is for the killers and those who support them, immensely profitable,” the bishop says.

“Abortuaries are gold mines for their operators. Killer physicians and surgeons, distaining the Hippocratic Oath, travel hundreds of miles to assassinate a few children, and you may be sure that that kind of doctor or nurse does not work for nothing.”

“All of us are aware of the perilous financial condition into which corrupt politicians of both parties have cast our country,” Bishop Doran observes, noting especially the burden of “entitlements” on the taxpayer.

“What we are never told is that the reason these entitlements are becoming unbearable for the taxpaying public is that there are fewer and fewer people contributing funds by way of their taxes to support these needed benefits upon which many people in our society have come to rely. Ours is a rapidly aging population because the number of children born into it becomes smaller and smaller and smaller, relative to the size of our country.”

“Since a pagan Supreme Court, overriding the Christian conscience of centuries, chose to kill children in 1973, millions of them have been butchered without ever seeing the light of day, even for a moment,” the bishop states. “It is said that even Nazi Germany was not quite as callous with regard to nascent infant life as our unelected judges have made our country.”

“In short, procured abortion may well be the death knell of our society,” Bishop Doran warns.

Rockford, Illinois, as well as being the seat of the diocese, has the dubious distinction of being the home to what is perhaps the United States’ most bizarre abortion facility – the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC).

The facility has displayed grotesque window decorations such as rubber chickens hanging from nooses, a nun in a coffin, and posters taunting the pro-lifers who regularly keep vigil outside with mocking and hateful messages, such as a picture of Jesus sticking up his middle finger at passers-by with the words “Even Jesus Hates You.”

This week LSN reported that police chased away an ultrasound vehicle from the NIWC, even though pro-lifers said they worked for weeks with city police to ensure permission for the life-saving equipment to park near the NIWC to provide the incoming mothers seeking abortions with a free opportunity to see the faces of their children.

Bishop Doran commented on this incident, saying, “The pro-life people in this diocese are courageous people who endure a good deal of discomfort, raillery and obloquy from those who maintain and staff the local abortuary.”

Read the full column here.

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