Wednesday February 10, 2010

Abortion Not Part of Harper’s Maternal Health Initiative: Conservative MP

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

OTTAWA, February 10, 2010 ( – Shelly Glover, Manitoba Conservative MP for Saint Boniface, has confirmed that abortion will not be included in the Canadian Government’s plan to help women and children in the developing world through the maternal health G8 initiative proposed by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Liberal Party under leader Michael Ignatieff has insisted that Prime Minister Harper include abortion, contraception and funding for the International Planned Parenthood Federation as part of his proposed maternal health initiative.

During an interview on CBC’s Power & Politics show Glover responded to Evan Solomon’s demand to know if the government will fund programs to give access to “safe abortions” as part of the health initiative.

Glover said, “First and foremost, this (the maternal health initiative) has absolutely nothing to do with abortion. That topic is not part and parcel of this initiative.”

“This initiative is designed to ask other countries, who are in a position to help, to save lives of vulnerable children and mothers in other countries.”

Here Solomon interrupted Glover with, “But isn’t, but, but, I just, I understa…”

Glover waved him off and asked to be allowed to finish what she was saying.

She continued, “It’s important to remember there are simple necessities that have not been dealt with: clean water, nutrition, inoculations, trained health care officials, are needed in these very poor countries, and we need to put our plan forward and get some help to make sure that these vulnerable people …”

Here Solomon interrupted Glover again and said, “some statistics say 10 to 13 percent of women in these vulnerable positions are dying because of unsafe abortions, and so this would be a component of that. So I guess the question is, is this component being considered.”

Glover replied, “Education and prevention are being considered. Abortion is not a part of this. It’s unfortunate the Liberals are making it a part of this issue. Prevention and education are what we are looking at and I think it’s a good step forward to saving lives of these vulnerable women and children.”

Calls to the Prime Minister’s press office for a confirmation of Shelly Glover’s statement were not returned by press time.

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), told LifeSiteNews that although Prime Minister Harper has consistently backed away from the abortion issue, his refusal to accommodate the promotion of abortion in his maternal health plan is a positive step.

“Stephen Harper is being consistent. He has said the issue (of abortion) is not on his agenda and he is not taking a position on it. On this particular issue of infant mortality and mothers’ health in developing counties, he has taken a positive initiative and we are grateful he is doing it,” Hughes said.

CLC National Organizer Mary Ellen Douglas said that CLC applauds Glover’s statement that abortion will not be part of the Conservative government’s maternal health initiative for developing countries.

She added, “The fact that Planned Parenthood and their affiliates have jumped on this initiative, and the women’s caucus of the Liberal party is pulling Ignatieff’s strings shows that the they are determined to include the killing of the unborn in developing countries. But this is not news for us.”

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