Abortion Notification Law in California Gets Celebrity Backing

By John-Henry Westen

Patricia HeatonLOS ANGELES, November 7, 2005 ( - Top celebrities released strong endorsements for the YES on 73 campaign today during the final push for Prop 73, the “Parents’ Right to Know” initiative on California’s special election ballot next Tuesday, November 8th. Ben Stein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Patrick Warburton, Laura Ingraham, and Patricia Heaton are all running radio spots in California encouraging support for Prop 73.

If passed, Proposition 73 will prevent an abortion from being performed on a minor girl until 48 hours after her parent or guardian is notified.

Dr. LauraPatricia Heaton says, “As a parent, I can’t think of anything more important than the welfare of our children. Proposition 73 will ensure that parents can help their young daughters if they become pregnant.” Dr. Laura Schlessinger says, “I already voted YES on Prop 73 through an absentee voting form. I urge everyone who cares about children to do the same.” (see here for Heaton’s full statement: )

Ben SteinFamed actor and talk show host Ben Stein says that while “current California law requires parental permission for children to get tattoos . . . even aspirin”, the current law allows children to get an abortion, “a potentially life threatening procedure without her parents even knowing.” That’s why, he says, he’s joining millions of Americans in supporting prop 73. (hear Stein’s full radio spot here: )

Actor Patrick Warburton, concerned for the safety of his children, especially his young daughter, warns parents in a video statement that, “California law currently allows someone “other than a parent” to take a child, a girl as young as 12 years of age, to go and get an abortion without the Laura Ingrahamparents knowing anything about this. This means that your neighbor, a teacher, an older boyfriend, a sexual predator—can legally take your 12-year-old daughter to go and get an abortion, a secret, confidential abortion.”

Like many parents, Warburton believes this is wrong. He wants to change the law to protect young girls and restore parents’ rights. Warburton adds, “I can tell you as a father, who loves his daughter more than anything in the world, I will vote YES on 73 come Tuesday, November 8th. I hope that you do too.”

Audio statements from Dr. Laura, and Laura Ingraham are available on the YES on 73 site:

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